My own selfmade ZZ-Top Painting

Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 6:19 AM By: DutchPortraitArtist1987

Dear 'fellow ZZ-Top fans',

I want to share my love for ZZ Top with the rest of you. I am a 25 year old dutch portrait artist from the netherlands and translated my love for ZZ top in a painting of our beloved Billy Gibbons.
It's a personally completely handmade oilpainting. I hope u will enjoy my painting. there is no commercial pun intended here.
I'v been to a few ZZ Top concerts in my life and whenever they tour in the Netherlands and/or Belgium me and my mother (one of the few who loves ZZ Top as much as i do) are there. I hope Billy Dusty and Frank will rock on for many years.

I would love to get some comments on my painting. Could i catch Billy's mojo or not? please let me know what you like about it or what i can do better... I am a bit of a perfectionist so all comments are welcome!

if you want to seem ore paintings - u can always check my website. There are a few musicians i also adore as well, like Joe Bonamassa, Keith Richards and Willy Deville.

All the best to all fellow zz-top fans!!!

  1. Rafe avatar

    That is a very nice piece of work! Great attention to detail. Great depth a color.

  2. Jamm53 avatar


  3. Jamm53 avatar


  4. William avatar

    Awesome job my friend....

  5. ZZ_Loco avatar

    mucho bueno, you captured the moment of mojo in real time.

  6. Kiwi Helrod avatar

    Looks awesome, from a distance it looks like a photo, well done.

  7. Victoria avatar

    Very Nice!!

  8. collaredprinzes avatar

    Great painting!!

  9. SherriD avatar

    Wow!! Your oil painting is awesome!!! Love it!

  10. Lone Wolfe Jr. avatar

    What song is he playing....My heads in Mississippi You are a true fan!

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