1. Kiwi Helrod avatar

    Looks awesome, from a distance it looks like a photo, well done.

  2. Victoria avatar

    Very Nice!!

  3. collaredprinzes avatar

    Great painting!!

  4. SherriD avatar

    Wow!! Your oil painting is awesome!!! Love it!

  5. Lone Wolfe Jr. avatar

    What song is he playing....My heads in Mississippi You are a true fan!

  6. PearlEGates avatar

    Awsome job. Great detail on textures. Almost 3D

  7. Frank P Cerniglia III avatar

    That is a real great painting of Billy

  8. KITT avatar

    Great job ! You are gifted ! Thanks for sharing this portrait.

    By the way, how did you insert your picture ? I tried to post one in a recent blog, but the picture I want to insert is stored into my computer, and I am ask to fill in an URL address ??? I dont understand. Thx.

  9. Finman4 avatar

    Sweat portrait dude. It really catches the essence of Billy. Nice job......i believe now you have to do one of the whole band. I also liked your Web site.....nice theme. English would be nice but I understand. Have a good one. Finman4

  10. Piscesvixen avatar

    Wow, this is absolutely amazing! I love it! I wish someone could do a portrait of me as good as this :P
    You truly are talented -Tthanks for sharing!