1. RedHotanddoubledamnblue avatar

    Good artwork!!
    Well we know for damn sure this ain't "Paint by Numbers"!! :)
    Hmmm!! Maybe I should introduce more musician to you!!
    Some forgotten in history because they are/were pioneers!!

  2. Jason M Fryer avatar

    Agree with Jankku, this is really cool , great job and talent, how long did it take to paint this?
    Are you willing to sell it? Or paint one for me?

    I will come to Germany or the Netherlands to pick it up in person..

    Right now the Tres Hombres are posted as far as Germany in July.
    Thanks and best regards,

  3. jankku72 avatar

    Really nice, do you do these for sale too?
    Next summer the boys are to be headed to your land again, hope you get there too!
    We may jump to each other there, who knows?
    Jankku Blomgren-Vuong

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  5. Rick Ragan avatar

    Wow nice job ! Great talent !


    Well done indeed! You definitely caught 'the man' in 'the moment'. ;-) Muy Rico!

  7. Austin avatar

    Very nice!

  8. PeterinMontreal avatar

    Wow...wicked. You're very talented.

  9. Rafe avatar

    That is a very nice piece of work! Great attention to detail. Great depth a color.

  10. Jamm53 avatar