I Gotsta Get Paid Review!

Tue, Jun 5, 2012 at 12:21 PM By: Steve RAYMOND WZXL

NOW available for download! Amped up by producer Rick Ruben..

ZZ TOP: I Gotsta Get PAID!

This new track is from TEXICALI, a four song EP of original songs available today June 5, 2012. DOWNLOAD it NOW and hear the GREAT signature guitar and vocal growl of these Texas legends!

Here are three guys, three regular guys, who have navigated the turbulent waters of the music business for over four decades. Quality musicians who have written and recorded through waves of public fickleness in sound from the Blues based free-form 1970's, to the synthesized Big Hair-long legged ladies of the 1980's to full circle amped up shit-kicking Lonestar state RoCK that we grew up on! There is NOTHING better than solid players returning to their roots AND proving that you are never to OLD to Rock N Roll. Thanks Billy, Dusty and Frank for coming back to the party with this tasty 4-Song preview of the full album release to come! Hear it on South Jersey's 25 year ROCK STATION 100.7 ZXL and.. Long live Jeremiah Weed...

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