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Attended the zztop concert in Moncton,NB on the was fantastic...they delivered a great was the VIP q&a and photo afterwards that was very disapointing....before the band came out we were told that there was NO AUTOGRAPHS!! Also we were not to try and shake their hands....
Ok....fine no hand shake...disapointed but ok...but no autographs???? Why ?? There might have been 35 people there...they could have brezzed through us in 15 min tops!! or had those little "posters" presigned when we picked up our VIP tix at the box office.
We paid enough for the VIP package and all i can say is it left most of the people very disapointed with the whole thing.
So to anybody who reads this...concert fantastic....VIP your money.

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    Not going to get into a pissing match ....Im just saying for the money that we spent the VIP experience was a let down. The "poster" wasnt anything to write home about...But it at least could have been Pre autographed ( That could be dont in their travels!)
    Once again...Let me be CLEAR....Concert was short( 1 hour and 15min oncore) But it still was fantastic!! Im not bitch the band just saying that for the amount of money that was charged it was most definitely not worth it.
    Would i go see them again?? HELL YES!! VIP...No!!

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    I am an avid ZZ Top fan, and just love the opportunity they continuously give, by playing the amount of gigs they do... I will see them at multiple venues in the same state, I am amazed on how they deliver...You would think during the same year and tour you would only get the same "Show" but you don't, it's always different and always equally great!!! Thank you ZZTop!!!
    As for the many, many whiners here... How dare you? You get what you pay for, I am thankful they allow this opportunity to even exist, for $149 you receive EXACTLY what is advertised:
    Q&A Session with ZZ Top ( May be limited to a few quick ones, I'd say write them down and be prepared, you can't expect a sit down interview, especially after a 2 hr concert they spent all day getting to)
    Photograph with ZZ Top ( You get a few shots right there with the guys, GREAT!!!)
    ZZ Top Poster ( You get a poster!!!)
    Commemorative VIP Laminate and Lanyard ( ANd a cool deal you can hang where ever to remind you of the day!!!)
    Heck... I'd would assume they are tired and their hands are tired also...I can't make any excuses for their Mgr...But hey give the guys a break, you get what you pay for...

    Again I hope they continue doing what they been doing for the last 40 yrs... Thank for this opportunity and hope it continues in the future...

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    That is very disappointing - I'm seeing this more and more of this with these meet an greets and it sucks for the fans. VIPs are your bread and butter ZZTop.... No autographs? Come on. If they are pressed for time limit to one per paid customer. I hope they change their policy or this will be my last VIP too.

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    Yup totally agree!! We were there too, same concert, and your right the show itself was amazing. But we were also very disappointed not to have any autographs. Like you said, the VIP was fairly pricey to have such a let down at the end. The meet and greet was basically just a chance to walk up to the band and have someone snap a picture before you were escorted out. And the pics didn't turn out great either, we were told that we didnt need to take them they would just be posted on the site, but they told us to look at the guys nose who took the pic, and then he held the camera at waistlevel, so the band is looking at the camera and we are not,

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