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Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 12:59 AM By: sleepwalker103

I remember seeing Dusty and his brother Rocky perform at the poolside area of the apartment complex where I lived one summer. They were rocking out! Just fantastic, what a great party we had!! I knew they played quitars and sang, or so I had heard. That must have been 1963. So many memories from back in the day... White Rock Lake... the Lady of the Lake. They drove those crazy old huge cars. The Surf Lounge! The Cellar Club, other crazy places Then Dusty left Dallas, and landed in Houston. That crazy blues man met up with another one, and the rest is history... They are stars, they are golden...I've been immersed in the Boyz for hours on end now. I can't even express how happy it makes me to be able to listen to them and watch their performances on the Internet. Their music is good for the soul.

IF Dusty would ever know: I will always remember you. Dennis and Bobby Jack say "Hello." The last time I saw you, we were in the Cellar in Houston. You jumped off the stage, and gave me a real "Hollywood Kiss." That was soo sweet of you. Even after all these years, that is still a really special thing to me. I hope to see you in concert soon.

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