Father in law passing who was the Editor of YES DEAR

Tue, Jun 5, 2012 at 9:34 AM By: 1ducky

This photo is a picture of my Father in law Gary Anderson who recently passed away on St. Patrick's day 2012 from cancer and heart disease. He was the Editor of Yes Dear. He won 4 Emmys for various shows. This picture was taken while Gibbons was signing a book for his son (my Husband) when Billy GIbbons made a guest appearance on Yes Dear. My husband Darrell Anderson is a huge fan of ZZ Top and has never seen them in concert. This book that Billy singed in this picture was a Christmas gift for my Husband. He will forever cherish it as it was a gift from his father and extremely special. We are waiting for them to come to L.A. , California. so he can see them.

Mr. GIbbons,
I don't know if you see any of these blogs but in case you do, If there is any way that my husband and I could see your show it would truly mean a great deal to him. I am sure you remember his father Gary Anderson when you made a guest appearance on YES DEAR. Gary Anderson was the NICEST AND BEST PERSON, EASY TO REMEMBER AND WILL BE GREATLY MISSED.

Thank you

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    Great story. Hope everything works out good for you and your family.

    Cheers from down under


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