1. KITT avatar

    1. Sleeping Bag
    2. Gimme all your loving
    3. La Grange
    4. Legs
    5. Antenna head

    And many more of course

  2. Fabry65 avatar

    1. Pincushion
    2. Got Me Under Pressure
    3. La Grange
    4. Gimme All Your Lovin
    5. Just Got Paid

  3. mudsharkable avatar

    1: La Grange
    2: My Mind Is Gone
    3: Waitin for the Bus/Jesus just left Chicago
    4: Vincent Price Blues
    5: Just got Paid

    Wait!!!! but there's more, lots lots more.

  4. MuZZy avatar

    that's my list:

    1-Arrested for Driving While Blind
    2-Brown Sugar
    3-Pretty Head
    4-Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers
    5-Fuzzbox Voodoo

    excluding ten songs (old man, sure got cold after the rain fell, legs, made into a movie, bad girl, stages,goin' so good,stackin' paper,what would you do,rough boy),
    I would like you to know that I like all ZZ TOP songs !!!

  5. lesgoldtop57 avatar

    1: Blue Jean Blues
    2: Jesus Just Left Chicago
    3: Tramp
    4: My Head's in Mississippi
    5: Hot, Blue, and Righteous

    Jeeez!!!! Only 5, Cmon, I love them all!!!

  6. Marshall F. Gibson avatar

    1. Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings
    2. Got Me Under Pressure
    3. Asleep In The Desert
    4. Party On The Patio
    5. My Mind Is Gone

    That's today. It could change tomorrow.

  7. Ivor avatar

    1) Cheap Sunglasses
    2) I Thank You
    3) Balaniese
    4) Jesus Just Left Chicargo
    5) Tube Snake Boogie
    well that will change next week no doubt! tough call really, but hay!

  8. senor_volto avatar

    I like all of the choices so far! I am going to bend the rules. It would be great if they played any of these seven songs at the Rodeo:

    Arrested for Driving While Blind - with "Hit It, Quit It"
    Fearless Boogie
    Groovy Little Hippie Pad
    Mexican Blackbird - sung by Frank (why not?)
    Precious and Grace
    Sure Got Cold After the Rain Fell

    Sr. Volto

  9. Lone Wolfe Jr. avatar

    Ninja Shack
    Alley Gator
    Heaven ,Hell, and Houston
    Stackin' paper

  10. Craigo avatar

    1: Just Got Paid
    2: Rythmeen
    3: Beer Drinkers
    4: La Grange
    5: I need you tonight,

    With apologise to about 50 other tracks!!