1. Sambocus avatar

    TOO hard to stop at 5, and it varies. But as a baseline I'll go with*:
    My Head's in Mississippi
    Waiting For The Bus/Jesus (I count that as one...call it a medley)
    Down Brownie

    *Note: Not necessarily in that order; substitutions made without notice.

  2. Gene woods avatar

    Looking for billy playing blues Love ZZ !But would like to hear more blues guitar from Mr Gibbons Any Suggestions?

  3. RedHotanddoubledamnblue avatar

    I know it's beyond 5 but,
    I Thank You (even better that I had dedicated to me a few times) great memories :)
    Mexican Blackbird - (to hell with P.C. we are who we are)
    Blue Jean Blues

    I could go on but, only I truly give a shit! :)

  4. RedHotanddoubledamnblue avatar

    Mellow Down Easy (Yeah it's an older one)
    Whisky Mama
    Pearl Necklace (Most women love this one) :)
    Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings

  5. IGGI avatar

    Impossible !!!!
    N°1. ZZ TOP and the over 150 songs.... all greats
    Thank you Mr BEARD, HILL and GIBBONS for your 45 years music time

  6. Jason M Fryer avatar

    1. Gotsta Get Paid
    2. I'm Bad, Im Nationwide
    3. La Grange
    4. (Somebody Else Been) ShakingYour Tree
    5. My Head's in Mississippi

  7. C0E avatar

    Just Got Paid
    Haeds in Mississippi
    La Grange
    Heard it on the X

  8. Pearl Necklace avatar

    Waiting for the bus/Jesus left Chicago
    Fool for your stockings
    Gotsta get paid
    La Grange/sloppy drunk

  9. Roberto Cinquanta avatar

    1. Legs
    2 Sharp dressed man
    3 Mexican Blackbird
    4. Francene
    5. Thunderbird
    It's really hard only 5!!!!!

  10. Fireresq51 avatar

    I can't pick just 5