"VIP" PACKAGE...You get EXACTLY what you pay for!!!

Wed, Jan 1, 2014 at 2:00 PM By: Flo Brian

I say enjoy the opportunity...I know everybody would like to sit down and enjoy some TX BBQ, a cold one, and possibly a few shots of tequila...But the chances of that happening...

I am an avid ZZTop fan, I just love the opportunity they continuously give, by playing the amount of gigs they do... I will see them at multiple venues in the same state, I am amazed on how they deliver...You would think during the same year and tour you would only get the same "Show" but you don't, it's always different and always equally great!!! Thank you ZZTop!!!
As for the many, many whiners here... How dare you? You get what you pay for, I am thankful they allow this opportunity to even exist, for $149 you receive EXACTLY what is advertised:
Q&A Session with ZZ Top ( May be limited to a few quick ones, I'd say write them down and be prepared, you can't expect a sit down interview, especially after a 2 hr concert they spent all day getting to)
Photograph with ZZ Top ( You get a few shots right there with the guys, GREAT!!!)
ZZ Top Poster ( You get a poster!!!)
Commemorative VIP Laminate and Lanyard ( ANd a cool deal you can hang where ever to remind you of the day!!!)
Heck... I'd would assume they are tired and their hands are tired also...I can't make any excuses for their Mgr...But hey give the guys a break, you get what you pay for...

Again I hope they continue doing what they have been doing for the last 40 yrs... Thank you for this opportunity and hope it continues in the future...

  1. Sambocus avatar

    We've had the opportunity and done it, and will do it again and again when possible!

  2. Kirkus avatar

    Amen to Flo Brian's comment. I want to make that clear.

  3. Kirkus avatar

    Amen brother!

  4. trainarollin avatar

    For $149 you get a picture taken with the band, it's that simple. It's not advertised as a party, reception or hangout. The no autograoh policy is a bummer and should disclose that in the descrition. I think that by throwing a poster into the offer one assumes that the band will sign it. It's only logical. They just need to clear that up before decide to buy the offer. I've bought a couple of these meet & greets over the years. In 2008, it was a lot more money, but they sat down and everyone lined up and they signed a couple items per person. It was abused when some Ebay Sellers bought the packages and secretly shot video of all 3 members signing a small stack of album covers for each of them and using the private videos in their sales pitch. After 2009, I never saw them do a table signing again for the paid M&G patrons.

  5. Jason M Fryer avatar

    Brian, Jankku ,
    Agree with both of you, The Reverend Willy G., The Dust and ole Rube Beard, have been rockin for 45 years. Traveling the globe sharing their lives and sacrificing so much to have time with their families however to please their dear fans is all they want I am sure, but time is limited...I also have traveled the globe for only 25 years with less luggage and it's not easy especially the past 12 years.....so I know these guys care to come out with the new album and going on tour ( I'm sure they could survive just fine as they have made enough money to live how they want already in the past and off future off iTunes sales alone) was key to their faith their fans and the fact that they too Gotsta Get Paid.
    I also hope they will continue hold meet and greet and have so reputable company representing their legacy. So he of the VIP stories I read, folks thought they were going to receive posters or signed lithos and never received them.

    I went to the VIP registration for March 7 in Aspen, Colorado 5 times today and completed everything to the "place order" button, (5 different times and it took a lot of time ) placed the order and could never get a confirmation, so it seems the third party web administrator in software engineering expertise , hardware or something is cont connecting....or is lacking or maybe they just do not know there is an issue. I posted it as an issue. I cannot find a phone number for ZZTop.com's web administrator. We will see if anyone replies....

    Have a great day in Helsinki and in Florida,

    Jankku , next time I come to Tuusula, we can have a Beer together. Maybe in 2014. I was there and in Helsinki 2 times in 2013.

  6. Flo Brian avatar

    @Jason & Jankku72 I know right...
    I see they offered it in Canada and Australia, I thought I saw them on here for the up coming Europe dates, 3 months ago, it looks like they are sold out...Also this opportunity looks only a couple years old, if that...

    I look at it as added value and hope it continues in the future...

  7. jankku72 avatar

    Yes man!
    This is so true!!!
    I am even jealous to you guys there in States, we here in Europe cant pay for this arrangement!
    I have been blessed to meet the guys anyway, but it allways have been and lucky occasion.
    I sure am whit you on that, that they can be tired after playing a show and all waiting and traveling, but still they give something from their self, not every day but quite often yet!
    Hope they could offre this here in Europe too, for like 10/20 max per show, we could pay and get something like fellows in States too, but i understand...someone must arrange this all too...and its difficult, but still hoping for it!
    Thanks for reading this!
    Jankku Blomgren-Vuong

  8. Jason M Fryer avatar

    I could not agree more with the comment above.

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