1. Austin avatar

    I'm attending the upcoming Balt. VIP M&G. I expect to recieve what I purchased...ticket, photo & so on, that was listed in the description and on the day of the show.

  2. William avatar

    Evidently, you are not reading all the blogs. My personal problem is with GrdCntrl, first of all ...promising something they cant give, then the lame excuses about this and that...they put the blame on the band not signing the lithographs, my 2 Meet and Greets turned into photo op's only. We were hearded like sheep to a slaughter. The last one was the band members are all home on break and the litho's are going from 1 to the other...blah blah blah....Now they are on tour again....so where are they. I didnt start this BS, its happened twice, believe me, there will be no 3rd time charm here. I love ZZ as much as anyone else, but i call BULL SHIT ON GROUND CONTROL ! I paid , now FULFILL as you so quickly stamped on my order !!!! Oh , BTW....Dusty posted a picture on his Facebook page of him signing the Litho's for the London, Ontario show....OUCH.

  3. PeterinMontreal avatar

    Ha ha...thanks juddking! I guess I'm pretty passionate about the band and to always giving people the benefit of the doubt...it's easy to assume reasons, intentions, etc., however, often these assumptions are incorrect. Have a great day.

  4. juddking avatar

    Wow, I hope you feel better now that youve got that off your chest..... here...... smoke this..... it will calm you down a bit buddy.