Dreamer, Idealist and Practical

Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 10:43 PM By: Olive187

We freelance writers each have our own quirkiness and uniqueness. Some of us are dreamers, others are idealistic and others are practical, among others. As for me, I am a dreamer, idealistic and practical. It depends upon what we are talking about. I dream of having the best material things and as well as the simple joys in life. My idealism shows in my relationship with my wife and my practicality manifests in my being happy and contented with what I can provide.

Being a dreamer like many freelance writers, I love to window shop for material things like gadgets, appliances, furniture, clothes and other things. However, because I am practical, I love the challenge of being able to select the best choice which is also affordable. Right now, I am planning of buying an audio player for the house. I do not want to buy the very expensive one but I also want to be able to choose one which is have the minimum good sound reproduction. This means I am buying the cheapest among those of the good quality and durability.

As a dreamer, idealistic and practical at the same time, I love to aspire to good things in life but those which are within my reach and means. At the same time, I do not want to be a miser in the sense that I will be a cheapskate and buy the cheapest choices for the things I want. I do not want to do so because that would mean that I will be buying products which are not durable and are not of good quality. I want to enjoy the best things in life because I work for them and I also use these things to help me work. I am only an example of how quirky and unique freelance writers are.

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