Hornby Island Blues Society

Mon, Dec 2, 2013 at 5:23 PM By: The Sisters


There are major blues aficionados on Hornby Island - a l'il old island in the West of Canada.
They've been doing their thing for several years and their list of participating musicians is mighty impressive.
When my sister and I were travelling by train from Vancouver to Montreal, we enjoyed the company of a man with a distinctive long beard. He and his wife joined us for a couple of meals. On the departing day, I simply HAD to check it out - he suggested that he was actually travelling incognito (lol).
I should have talked to him then about the Hornby Island Blues - but, being Canadian, respecting his privacy was a more urgent concern.
Does anyone know if he would consider participating in a grassroots kind of thing like this?

He asked me if I was a ZZ Top fan - and the truth is, "not really". But a roommate once played it to distraction, so I definitely DO know their music :-)
When I told my Hornby Blues friends they were over the top - so wish that they had been there.

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