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Sun, Sep 2, 2012 at 2:44 PM By: mudsharkable

I am an old school guy for sure but this Meet and Greet thing is something new to me. I know lots of act put on these things now but back in my day, unless you were a selected groupie or the drug dealer, you didn't meet anyone. From my personal experience, after a show the last thing you want to do is press the flesh. For one thing you should be real dehydrated and sopping wet from sweat not to mention that you would be a bit deaf and worn out as well. If you weren't then you didn't give it your all that night. What I always liked to do was to sit down quietly somewhere offstage and drink a lot with a strong fan blowing on me while the roadies started to break down the gear. Later on I would wash up and get changed into some street clothes, get together with the band and selected friends and go have dinner, or breakfast as the case may be then straight to the hotel for a well earned sleep. Now this was back when I was a kid of 20 or 30...

Now, it seems like the band has to "party" after this grueling ordeal which for some very young musicians might be fine but with the over 60 types as our Texas cousins are, I bet they just want to get back to the hotel and get some shut eye! You got a performance to remember which is a bit of a miracle in itself considering their age, and now you want to "party"??? SMELL MY FEET!!!

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    I with ya on that, brother, as I am no longer a spring chicken, myself! LOL! Really, though, man, even when I was a young buck, and playin out all the time.... meet and greet? Wow!! Couldn't give it a thought. No way before a show, I was always too keyed up and nervous, and I wasn't very friendly to anyone, would just sit backstage running up and down scales over and over, and checking and re-checking the tune on my guitar. After the show, I was never much on politicking and kissing babies, shaking hands with someone and their ol lady. If you were a single lady with lets say the right attributes and attitudes, I might would spend some time with ya, but otherwise, hell, it seemed like everyone wanted a piece of me, and I just wanted some peace.
    Now I was never a big star, and I can't really speak for such consumate professionals as ZZ Top are, but I can imagine that all they want after a show is a shower and a bed at their collective ages now. Jus sayin...enjoy the music, that's what you are there for, not to try and make friends with the band.

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    Meet and Greet are for the Band or manager that wants to make a little extra money and they should do this before the concert like we did at Aerosmith concert in Dallas. The meet and greet is for the true fans that support the band.

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    The ones I've seen here seem to take place after the show although there's probably both going on at places. I just wondered how guys my age (over 60) can handle that after their shows. Now, when playing clubs around here there's a little unwind time after and some people come up to talk and stuff but frankly, I'm a bit too warn out to be at my top form, I try to be courteous and all but I don't know how that really comes across. I imagine that younger players have a good time with this but senior citizens like me or the guys in ZZ probably find this a bit difficult and we can appear to be remote, disconnected and at times disinterested. It's not our fault or intention, we're just getting old and need a nap.

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    Most bands that have Meet and greet over here have them pre show. My son went to one a couple of months ago with Zakk Wylde/ Black label society. There was about 30 people allowed. They did it for an hour and the band basically just mingled and spoke to everyone there, and finished with a group photo on the stage in front of the amps and drums (They did individual pics too). My son reckons it was the best day of his whole life, and the band seemed to have fun as well.

    There's a lot written on this website about meet and greet, with both good and bad reviews. Maybe the bad reviews/experiences are caused by bad timing or too many M&G's to get through. Not sure what the answer is??? Maybe the moderators can answer??

    Cheers from OZ. Craigo.

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