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    u go bro :)

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    I agree, I prefer to go with my ear and my instincts, capture the groove with my own technique and feel, capture the signiture riff, and let it roll!! I believe that if you listen with a passion and a desire in your heart then the music becomes part of you. Emulate not replicate i say.

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    Yeah, with you on that. I don't go for exact note for note on solos etc, I got my groove and my own feel, coz we all individual players, emulate not replicate i say, Just spread the *Good News*
    keep rockin

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    Yeah, I don't trust tabs one bit, they are always wrong in some way. Even these two videos I just put up are wrong, I play them both differently now because of some careful and critical listening, that, plus watching BFG play them live. There's some subtle but significant differences that make or break the parts.

    I use 10's on my guitar, I used to use hybrid 8's (heavy low 3 and light top 3) a long time ago but switched to 10s to stop getting poked fun at by some of my fellow guitarists for using such wimpy strings. I can only imagine how tough playing with 7's is as BFG does. At least with 10's I don't break them like clockwork anymore.

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    Agree. It's much more fun trying to work the licks out than getting Tabs from the net. Improves the ear too!!! I'm not sure how Billy does it. His strings are so thin and his picks are so heavy. If I played his rig, I reckon there'd be broken strings everywhere!!

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    Man I wish I could do that!! Great job!