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    INTERESTING!!! I never had my hands on an Expandora but I know BFG has mentioned them in endearing terms on many occasions. I'll have to find me one or build one and play around with it... thanks for the tip.

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    You can get close to recreating that sound by using a Bixonic Expandora peddle. Set the interior dip switches to the "forbidden" position and you will get that gnarly spitin', fartin', amp blowin' up sound.

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    "Don't know how he got it but Billy can get any sound he just about imagines in his head"

    That's what I was wondering about, did he plan it or did it happen by mistake, one of those things where he said WAIT!!! let's use that take... you know, a happy mistake. Will he reproduce it live onstage? or... will he even try. Bizarre tones usually come about as a mistake or flaw that is discovered and not planned as far as my experience goes. Does Billy and Elwood have some unknown "busted junk" sound effects unit?

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    Yes, the "Loaded" (Rhythmeen) static guitar cutting in and out was something new to me and I loved it! It works! Very cool! (Don't know how he got it but Billy can get any sound he just about imagines in his head.) The Texicali static-sounding guitar is different - kind of at a very low level. But I love the stripped-down, overdriven, big guitar, as always! And "Chartreuse" has a very cool, funky, heavy riff! Billy is the greatest American blues/rock guitarist alive today, hands down. The aging factor must be rough for these guys but they're like fine wine at this point. Billy's voice has taken on a classic, distinctive, warm, gravelly, intriguing tone and feel. More power to these guys. I want them to stay around forever!

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    The Rythmeen tone is one thing and it's great, but the crackle and sputter really gets me going. I remember spending hours in rehearsal and the studio trying to make my busted junk equipment behave. From time to time I listen to my ancient tracks and I wish I could have left it alone, but our producer (god rest his twisted and perverted soul) would have none of that... the stupid bastard!

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    Gotta Say I love the whole Rythmeen tone. There's an interview here on that tone. Cool reading :)

    Hope this is useful to all.

    Cheers from oz, Craigo