Hey Jack

Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 12:52 PM By: tacomeat


A world tour that is months and months long and not one Canadian tour date. Now ya can't tell me that in all these years you have not sold any music here, and don't even mention the fact you love our beers and high alchohol content.

I hope there is some sort of Canadian dates in the works, Hell you don't even come close to Seattle. Well boys hope you have been taking your Vitamins and tacos, cause that tour list is even long for a band that is fresh and hungry.

Anyhoo I'll just have to watch old live videos and hope you guys get a hold of a map that can help ya find Vancouver. Awww cmon it's where ya played on the El Loco tour, which just happend to be my first bigtime concert, probably the first time they used laser lights on stage.

keep on rockin,

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    Hey MrK, have you had the pleasure of seing the guys before??

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