Elwood story...

Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 10:30 AM By: tacomeat

I would really like to pass along a big "BOY HOWDY" to a fella y'all very special to ya. You might just know him as " a man ya gotta love cause he just done brought me a gold guitar."

That's right the one, the only, ELWOOD FRANCIS!. I had the honour of meeting him at a David Lee Roth concert being laid out in Vancouver Canada in 1986. Where upon my good fortune, he was able to procure a personalized autograph on my Larivee guitat from none other than "Little" Steve Vai, guitar guru wiz, just in case your clueless. Also was treated to a backstage hangout as Elwood set up Steve's guitars. Dude hooked me up with tix. pix and some passes I just hung onto as he said it was mostly for pussy, but I could at least rty after ths show. Rightous dude thanks again!!!!!!

Now this story does have a little more wind to it, but it really only matters to me so I'll hold back my breath on that. Point is it was fackin awesome and often wonder "where are they now" routine. Low and behold I'm watching a conert from 2007, Texas that was filmed for some reason or another. And who gets called on stage, and gets props and a shout out from Rev Willy Gn why it's little ol Elwood, good on ya buddy , keeper of the faith.

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    Elwood is obviously good at his job too, to be able to work with the best guys for this period of time. Must really know his stuff !!!!!

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