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Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 10:02 AM By: tacomeat

Well All righteeeee,

Today is the first day, for the rest of my ZZ Top life. So... I'm checking into the ZZ hotel for the a spell, based on the fact that I just grabbed "La Futura" and the awesome hit package
"Rancho Texicano" and getting my ***** rocked off.

And lordy, lordy what do I find, monster world tour rolling out, crazy kick ass .com shit and I have only hit 2 links, yeee haaaa, hang on boys I think we gonna be in for a helluva ride.

Just gonna post up this tip of my cap to one of the great all time rock industry icons and although I never met em' I bet thier good ol boys through and through giving thier hearts to what they do.

thanks for all that you do,

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