La Futura Preorder Bundle

Sat, Sep 15, 2012 at 9:58 PM By: Lukather5150

Ok guys. I'm a lifelong fan of ZZ Top and have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for those guys. BUT, I feel as if I HAVE to speak up. I preordered the new La Futura CD bundle with T-shirt and autographed 8X10. Just as reported on this site in regard to the fake signed lithographs with VIP purchases (which I have 2 Diamond VIP tix bought for the Amarillo show in October), when I received the preorder bundle in the mail today sure enough the autographs were NOT authentic/original from the band. These are 100% fake/forgered/fraud. I cannot believe this. I mean seriously folks, this package was over $50 not to mention $250 for Diamond VIP tix with what seems to be the same lithograph forged signatures. How do I get in touch with the band management. This is completely unacceptable and downright disgusting. I have personally met the band in Lubbock, had them sign CD's for me, and they look EXACTLY like the new CD they signed at the recent signing in NYC (check eBay), NOT what I have here. This is fraud. Plain and simple.

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    return it to Bravado

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    I guess 3 forged names is bad enough. but my photo does not have Dusty Hills autograph on it..

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  1. La Futura Preorder Bundle

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