Finally I get to meet the men of my dreams!

Wed, May 16, 2012 at 8:07 PM By: sherry

My husband and I are so excited to meet ZZ we bought the biggie package We are bringing ourselves and our sixteen yr old daughter to meet greet and expierience the BEST concert Ever We have seen ZZ at least 6 times apiece..My first concert was ZZ when I was 12... You guys r the best! A little funny...I was 19 and I came to see u guys..I was in the beer line..looked over and there was my dad..Dad? heyyyyybooboo! ( my nickname) what u doin here? Jammin dad.... where mom? back in seat I guess.... whhoooooo Dad had a lotta beer that nite! I cant wait to see you guys again and have my daughter expierience the best in rock and roll you guys r the best!!!!

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  1. Finally I get to meet...

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