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    Well folks as a humble Burgerman, I went to see them for a 6th time last night. I know that we can never please everyone all the time. Slight little but, unfortunatly they teased the crowd with a few notes of Brown Sugar, to me the second best song after La Grange. Some Schmuck cursed and heckled loudly and the band switched song on the spot. I don't remember to what song they switched to but it wasn't one of their greastest success. I've been a fan forever and I will carry on being one. But to me a ZZ Top concert MUST have Blue jeans Blues and Brown Sugar played. You cut me deep boys, real deep and that was cold blooded. To that metric cruiser riding male genitals sucker (other word for rooster) that shouted, try to listen to older ZZ Top stuff you might enjoy it. The new stuff is good, the older music is great and that's what we want. Let the band decide what they want to play. They have been with the same crew for 40 years, they know how to get the people going. So many hits to cover. Maybe next time. Must breakaway now.