1. SherriD avatar

    Bought the diamond package for ZZ Topp's show at the Fox Theater in Bakersfield, Ca. VERY disappointed...not allowed to: shake hands or talk to the band and ABSOLUTELY no asking the band to autograph ANYTHING!! It was NOT a meet and greet, but a photo op only!!! So, if anyone else buys the diamond package do not expect anything other than a very quick photo with the band and a quick out the door ya go! BUYER BEWARE is right!!! They didn't even take our names down when they took our picture, so I have no idea how they're going to know where to mail our picture to!!!

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    We went to the Bend, Oregon concert and felt the same way. My boyfriend, Rory, has been a huge fan forever and I was surprising him with an early Christmas present with this Meet & Greet. He didn't even know until five minutes before the Meet & Greet that he was going to get to go to it. We enjoyed the show tremendously, and were very excited for the Meet & Greet until we got into the room and were given the "Don't touch them or talk to them" speech. This should have been advertised at the point of sale of the tickets. I am sure that it would have changed alot of people's minds about buying the "Diamond" package.
    There should not be a Meet & Greet if you are going to treat your supporters like that. We will be back for other shows (this was his seventh ZZ Top concert), but we will not be doing another Meet & Greet unless things change.
    I also am curious if the band even knows that we are being treated like this or are being given this spiel.
    Another problem that I had was that when fans each purchased their ticket, they should have been entitled to the same amount of poses/pictures. We had two in our group so we should have been entitled to two pics. And...I used to work for a photographer who did Meet & Greets....hello! It is the digital world...you take more than one pic no matter if you (the photographer) think that it looks great or not. I noticed that in many of the shots from our group, people had strange looks and in a few Frank had his mouth open in an awkward way. Do you really think that Frank would be happy knowing that his pics didn't look good?
    I will put this Meet & Greet behind me and go back to enjoying their music!
    Maria McQuaw

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    If Billy, Dusty and Frank are aware of this, and they have to be, then shame on them. The true fans made them what they are and to be treated in this manner is a HUGE turnoff! It's all about respect and when you don't give it, you won't recieve it in return. To borrow a quote from The Who, "Won't Get Fooled Again!! People who are about to waste their hard earned money have to be made aware of what to expect! Buyer Beware!!!!