1. Kevin Blue avatar

    I too was very unhappy with the meet n greet. I was pushed in front of the band and Pablo took the picture and I was pushed away from the band I never had even a chance to say hello let alone ask a question. Not worth the money I spent, My question is does the band know how unhappy all the fans are with this rip off? Billy F Gibbons I have been a fan of yours from 30 plus years I really loved the show you guys were great but I really miss the $150.00 bucks it cost for me to not get to meet or greet you guys

  2. David Witzer avatar

    ... I wrote a blog on this site titled "Another Meet And Greet Disaster' with a similar experience. Give it a read if your planning on buying a VIP DIAMOND MEET & GREET upgrade. MARCH 2014

  3. Gunny1 avatar

    The VIP experience in Saettle last night was a complete disaster. Nothing but a ten second photo op and Dusty Hill didn't even show up, what a rip off for ZZtop's best fans. All that money spent for absolutely nothing and I feel like they didn't even care. I spent $150.00 bucks for a small poster that they wouldn't even sign. The show was great, but what a huge disappointment for a meet and Greet, the whole ZZtop team should be ashamed of themselves for treating the fans that would support them by spending that kind of money to meet them and not get a damn thing out of it!

  4. sirlollipopman avatar

    Went to the meet and greet yesterday.

    I love the band and they put on a killer show, but I have to admit that I feel the same way as the OP regarding the meet and greet. It did feel very rushed and I was really surprised that they would not sign anything. The guys seemed very nice (I got a big Hello from Dusty) and I know that they are tired after a show. That being said I really feel that for the price paid for the Diamond Package there should at the very least be an opportunity to get something autographed.

    I think a great way to do these VIPs would be to set up a simple table for the band and then have people line up and come up to the table to get one item signed. Then you can just walk behind the table and get your picture taken. The band gets to sit and relax and the fans get to chat with the guys for really no more than one minute while they sign something and you get your pic.

    On a side note, I totally understand the no shaking hands policy.

  5. Peter5150 avatar

    Any comments on recent meet-and-greets in the months of February and March 2014? I hope I don't have a negative experience. Do you actually get a physical photo to take with you, or is it just something that is posted on the website?

  6. dochaliday avatar

    Maybe you got them on a bad day? I just did a meet and greet in Winnipeg (March 13) and have nothing but praise. Pablo was very professional and friendly. He offered an explanation as to why the band does not generally allow handshakes and at no time told us to not talk to the band, Once the band came out they answered a couple questions then got into the photo ops. Once photos were done one of the woman was brave enough to ask if they would sign something and after a very brief hesitation Billy agreed and all 3 signed for whoever had something and they also stuck around for a fe minutes chatting. Now keep in mind this was a very small group of just 6 people which may have made a difference as far as autographs went but regardless it was well worth the money paid.

  7. dochaliday avatar

    Flo Brian - seriously? First of all people who pay good money are entitled to offer their opinion be it positive or negative. Second ZZ Top generally plays less than 90 minutes, they NEVER plays for 2 hours. Thirsd I am grateful these comments are posted, I bought a m&g package for Winnipeg and at least now I can prepare myself for the disappointment. If it turns out good then that will be an added bonus.

  8. dochaliday avatar

    How far in advance did you get your email regarding your meet & greet times? I purchased for Winnipeg next week (March 13) and am still waiting some sort of email.

  9. Cyd avatar

    Well, I already bought the VIP package for an upcoming show, hope it is a bit friendlier?? I can understand no hand shaking, they can't afford to get sick while they are touring. I thought perhaps they would let us take a pic with our own camera, apparently not. Wish me luck, still looking forward to a fun time!

  10. Flo Brian avatar

    I am an avid ZZ Top fan, and just love the opportunity they continuously give, by playing the amount of gigs they do... I will see them at multiple venues in the same state, I am amazed on how they deliver...You would think during the same year and tour you would only get the same "Show" but you don't, it's always different and always equally great!!! Thank you ZZTop!!!
    As for the many, many whiners here... How dare you? You get what you pay for, I am thankful they allow this opportunity to even exist, for $149 you receive EXACTLY what is advertised:
    Q&A Session with ZZ Top ( May be limited to a few quick ones, I'd say write them down and be prepared, you can't expect a sit down interview, especially after a 2 hr concert, they spent all day getting to)
    Photograph with ZZ Top ( You get a few shots right there with the guys, GREAT!!!)
    ZZ Top Poster ( You get a poster!!!)
    Commemorative VIP Laminate and Lanyard ( ANd a cool deal you can hang where ever to remind you of the day!!!)
    Heck... I'd would assume they are tired and their hands are tired also...I can't make any excuses for their Mgr...But hey give the guys a break, you get what you pay for...

    Again I hope they continue doing what they been doing for the last 40 yrs... Thank you for this opportunity and hope it continues in the future...