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    I met Dusty & Frank way back in October 1988 when they were passing through YVR. I was working the afternoon shift at the "oversize baggage storage area" at the time. We were smokin busy as all flights were delayed/grounded due to "heavy fog". I was at the front counter when Dusty, Frank and their wives showed up with a bunch of bags. I recognized then right away and blurted out "all right I'm a huge ZZ Top fan I love you guys!" (this is something that they have probably heard a million times or so before) First thing Dusty says is were you at out show lat night? Boy did I feel like an idiot when I had to admit that I wasn't at the concert. Dusty said "some fan you are" and he was right I should have been there. I'm not going to BS you with some lame excuse because there really was no good reason to explain why I didn't make more of an effort to see them live. Anyway Dusty, Frank and the rest of their group hung around the storage area to avoid attracting too much attention. I gotta say that they were all very down to earth folks, I liked Dusty's no BS attitude which was refreshing. They asked us questions about what it was like living in Vancouver and treated everyone at the oversize baggage area like we were family which was very cool.

    In less than an hour I'll be getting the best seats that I can find for the ZZ top show on March 22, 2014 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre which is an awesome small venue (around 2800 seats) with killer sound!!

    Welcome back boys!!


    I've shared this story with many friends