ZZ Top Spins Aspen, Colorado

Thu, Jan 9, 2014 at 7:01 PM By: Jason M Fryer

Got tickets for Aspen, Colorado and looking forward to meeting Billy, Dusty and Frank through ground control's VIP program March 7th at Belly Up .

My uncle and I are going. He is also a lifelong ZZ Top fan. He has a pick from a concert he got from Billy in 1976 to show him when we meet. I am sure he has seen many picks and will only grin....a long time ago he used quarters but they wore the strings of his guitars so he started using pesos and they worked much better, a modified peso, so a "pieceo peso".... And probably has tried Euros and pounds too...cause he Gotsta Get Paid.

The pick my uncle has says
Biily G " Have Mercy" on it....
God Blees my Brothers , take care until then.

  1. jankku72 avatar

    Hope you have fun !!!
    I even have one like your uncle, have mercy pick, is it red?

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