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Life long fan from High School (1980). I still use my ZZ key chain today. Between my new wife (of 2 yrs) and me we have 6 children. 5 in college. All the kids still dig ZZ music. Simply the best. Thanks guys for keeping it all together.

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    Hey Dude i saw you and your Flag!!.....that was awesome and appropriate.....very Kool.!!.
    What a kick-ass show!!!..... still blown away!! And a new EP ta boot.......Classic ZZ sound.
    Thinkin about headin to Memphis. Thanks for the reply. Finman

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    Well I was one row in front of you. I don't know, maybe it was me. I've seen the boys do 3 times the show back in the day. I'm talking Texxas Jam, Texas Staduim, Cotton Bowl. During the Afterburner Tour, the set, design and clothing change made Top shows Tops. We all get old, I reckon.

    Billy is getting a bit sloppy with his solos, and I swear more than once what he was fingering was not what came out of FOH. Center stage row 2 had one small speaker that didn't quite have Billy's guitar hot in the mix, so what I 'remember' as a lick, what I heard as the lick and what I SAW as a lick't sync. And where were their effect pedals? Rented feet, side stage I guess LOL.

    During "Head's in Mississippi", I swear they accidentally fell into the "LaGrange" groove. Granted, they are close but there is a subtle, yet distinct difference in rhythm. Their body language seemed that they sensed it, and looked around like "how did we get HERE?" with Frank banging out the proper 'notes' to bring them back to Mississippi. Kind of like they took a wrong turn at Shreveport, LOL.

    Nods and hat tips from Dusty for me showing a Texas flag was certainly a thrill and a connection I'll always cherish. Dusty had Hep C and beat it. I have it to and it's beating me, but this was a good day to connect with a personal hero. I hope he reads this and knows what an inspiration his fight has been for me.

    Although it was a thrill to have my photo taken with Gizmo the dog and the boys, we were not given 2 seconds to say anything before 1..2..3..FLASH, given a signed poster and shooed out. I had hoped for more, but was grateful for what I got.

    This was a Bucket Wish item for me. I may not have gotten as much as I wanted but I certainly got enough!

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