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Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 8:10 AM By: Fancee

October 20th I will be attending my 14th ZZ Top concert. I have been going to every Texas tour since 1979. I never get tired of seeing the boyzz perform live! Each time is just as exciting as the first!! I recently came across one of my old ticket stubs and had to laugh when I saw the admission price....$11.50. What?! No wonder I was able to go see so many great bands back in the 80's, it was affordable! The October 20th one is costing me $125. This is the most I have ever paid to see them, generally I pay $50 - $70, and that is for front row. I hope buying tickets from this site doesnt turn out to be a bad decision (after all the stuff I read on here)! I dont really care about any VIP laminate or lithograph, I am just busy (and lazy) and didnt want to try and get good seats the minute they went on sale to the general public like I usually do. I figured I would pay the higher price and get guaranteed good seats. Of course, now I am wondereing WHERE those seats will be afterall. The good news is I didnt buy the meet and greet! That surely sounds like a rip off. Then again, the real reason I dont buy that is because I have a great image in my head of how the boyzz are in real life and how amazingly cool they are, even at their age of early 60's. I dont want to ruin that by meeting them and they turn out to be something else! HA! Hey wait a minute, they are only 10 years or so older than me....guess they arent that old after all

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    I can't believe you've been able to keep count of those concerts. My gal and I can't count that high or remember. Ticket stubs? Forget it. What we DO know is, we'll continue to make any show anywhere we happen to be within a driveable radius...as long as we're still driving and they're still rocking.

    Ticket prices? The gas I put in the car to go to my first show in 1976 was $0.60/gallon. The change from $5 bought a 6 pack.

    Meet & Greet? You would not be disappointed. For a reason why, please refer to my blog entry titled Meet & Greet? ZZawesomeness.


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    So you could hear it in the parking lot? HA! The sound system was indeed very good! I had never been to The Backyard and had read some reviews on it and was not looking forward to the venue. Turns out it wasnt so bad other than the drunks that kept falling on us because they couldnt maneuver the slope we were sitting on!
    This ticket stub will be the first I have that says "comp." Yep, didnt have to pay, won the tickets!

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    No kidding, Fancee. My first concerts were KISS in '78 and '80 and Ozzy with Randy Rhoads twice in '82. Still have my stubs--less that $15.00 each. Unfortunately my 5 year old daughter was out of gas and we missed the encores at LaGrange Fest II -- listened to tube snake boogie driving out of the parking lot. Oh well, what are ya gonna do?

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    Do you save grocery store receipts? Food goes up in prices too. What's your point...lol

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    Hi Craigo,
    I dont have them all for some reason :( but I do have all the t-shirts I bought! I still wear most of them to this day!
    Ticket stubs are a fun way to remember amazing times!

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    Hey Fancee, The oldest ZZ stub I have is from 1987. This was there first Aussie tour and cost $29.10. Do you keep the stubs from all the show you go too??

    Cheers Craigo.

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    A McDonald Big Mac was 65 cents in 1979...what's your point ?

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