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    It was NOT a meet and greet by any definition of the phrase!! Listen, I can understand no handshakes and I'm familiar with time constraints but when you feel like you've been hustled.......you have been husiled!! At the least, I was disappointed and it will NEVER happen again!!!

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    Budman you are oh so right,,,instead of husband and I taking pictures with the band the way we payed for Pablo the VIP manager told hubby and I we had to take it as a group,,,not happy,,not what we paid for,,,no ground control,so general add:was in front of us and we were in what we had to make as our second row,so they got better views they we did,there were only 11 of us with the VIP Diamond package and we were not treated right nor did we get what we paid $250 dollars for,,so hurt and disappointed,even as of now hubby and I cant get our group photo,,not up,,I was a huge Fan,and this was his first big concert,,not to mention I wanted to do something special for him since he retired from SF off of Fort Bragg,,we was very disappointed as well,I feel as if I have let him down because of what we didnt get out of our Diamond package,,,

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    I can understand why many of the fans are disappointed! We were told before hand; No handshakes, no conversations, no photos (only the one taken by a staff member), They will not be signing ANYTHING! After the hasty photo we were given a autographed, poorly put together off-the -wall lithograph and there's the exit! Whatever happened to the signed photo of the celebritys? I can understand that one can not accommodate everyone who buys a meet & Greet but, come on!! All that I can say is, buyer beware, It was no meet & greet!! Have Mercy!

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    VIP Photos from Atlantic City are now available! Check your Email, Sarah.

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    I am also wondering how to get my VIP photo as well, please let me know!

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    So how was the meet ang greet???

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    Hi Budman-
    Thanks for the info. I sent a message to you with some more questions.
    Sr. Volto

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    Yes They did. Here's the set list; 1. Thank You. 2. Waitin' for The Bus. 3. Jesus Just Left Chicago. 4. Pincushion. 5. Vincent Price Blues. 6. Heaven, Hell Or Houston. 7. My Heads In Mississippi ( and added Atlantic City). 8. Heard It On The X. 9. Stages. 10. Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers. 11. Gimmie All Your Lovin'. 12. Sharp Dressed Man. 13. Legs. Encore. 14. La Grange/Sloppy Drunk/BBQ. 15. Tush. As always, a great show!!

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    Hi Budman-
    Did the boyzz play Heaven, Hell, or Houston at the Atlantic City show?

    Sr. Volto