How to Find Appropriate Sources for Postgraduate Papers?

Mon, Apr 23, 2012 at 11:42 PM By: Alex Lee

Postgraduates need to work really hard. They carry out serious research to write my essay. Some students think it is difficult to find appropriate sources for their research. However, this is quite easy if you follow some tips.
When you set to work on any type of academic writing, you try to find the best sources. How can you do it properly?

1. You will definitely start with your text book. Picture 1 There is always a great section, i.e. Additional Reading. You can find some really valuable sources there.

2. Apart from this, every chapter of your text book has another valuable section, i.e. bibliography. You can use this section as well. What sources are used? You will certainly find really good sources for your own research.

3. When reading articles in scholarly journals or magazines, you should also pay attention to bibliographies.

4. Of course, you can use your searching browser. It goes without saying that you will come across loads of articles, books, professional writing services, dissertations. Some of these sources will be quite valuable as you can also use their bibliographies.

As you can see, it is possible to find lots of interesting and helpful sources if you are attentive enough. You just need to focus on details. Picture 2 Do not waste any chance to use sources mentioned. This will make you as wise as the sphinx and you will, undoubtedly, write your academic papers successfully.

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