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    Thanx Mud. I am really trying hard to get that style of " bass pounding paws " (hehehehehehe) i like that , down. But I don't think I quite got it. I guess I just keep.at it. The man has been doin it for over thirty years. I guess it ain't gonna come to me over nite !!!!! Hehehehehehe thanx again for your reply.

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    I'd like to see that too, I saw the rig BFG was using on youtube as well, not sure if that's what he currently runs. Those guys have warehouses full of stuff to choose from. I did read that on Rythmeen both Billy and Dusty used the same amp rig... a custom Marshall 100?? with 2 12's in a combo cabinet. Billy said that he used the Bionix Expandora a lot but Dusty plugged straight in and his sound was due mainly to "his bass pounding paws" more than any equipment he used.