ZZ Top, Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI, 6-30-12

Sun, Jul 1, 2012 at 9:37 AM By: ZZombie

Grayslake, IL, 7-1-12
Hey ‘yall, it is your ZZ Top fan and concert goer ZZombie from Grayslake, IL. My girlfriend and I attended the ZZ Top concert at Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI last night (6-30-12). It was a great show and here is the report:
The opening act was Christian Connor and Southern Gothic. They are a very good band from Atlanta, Georgia. They had a female Russian fiddler that was very talented and a great performer. The band is named for the lead dude, Christian Connor. They did a great job as an opening Act for ZZ Top. They were very entertaining. The crowd loved them.
ZZ top went on at 10:00 PM, right on time. Here is the playlist:
Thank You
Waitin’ for the Bus / Jesus Just Left Chicago
Heard It on The X
Gimme All Your Lovin’
Vincent Price
Heaven Hell or Houston
My Heads in Mississippi
Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers
Sharped Dressed Man
10: 55 Short Break (Changed Jackets)
LaGrange / BBQ
Show ended about 11:05PM (forgot to check the time)
1. At first the sound did not seem right. And the song tempo seemed too slow. Must have been me because both seemed OK after a couple of songs. I noticed that the PA speakers were different (and smaller) than the previous tour last year.
2. The band was in good form giving a solid and always entertaining performance. The boys looked healthful and enthusiastic. However, I noticed that Dusty’s voice was a little weak at times.
3. The large LED panels were great. The LED backdrop curtain is gone and rigid panels, a large one backstage and two smaller ones located right and left behind Billy and Dusty.
4. The graphics projected from the LED panels were great. Including a short movie previous to the band coming on to the stage. The movie included the band members and “The Girl”. The graphic show throughout the performance was very creative and entertaining. This was a synergistic complement to the music.
5. There was also a system of cameras on the stage that projected a black and white image of the live performance on the back LED screen. It was interesting because at times there was a mirror in a mirror continuous image of the performance on the screen.
6. As always the lighting was spot on and the fog machine enhanced the lighting.
7. There was an incidental real drama that unfolded during the show. It was a show within a show. One row in front of us, a drunk chick picked a fight with a dude twice her size for smoking cigarettes who was seated in front of her. The girl escalated the confrontation until she physically attacked the smoking dude. Absolutely unacceptable behavior on her part. Someone got the police and they immediately ejected her from the crowd and the property at the beginning of Legs. Everything was cool and fun once the crazy person was gone.
In summary, another great show. A good time was had by all, except the offensive drunk chick.
Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI is a great celebration of music and fun. The Summerfest experience is provided by excellent grounds / facility, staff, security and management. There is a good vibe there. We have been there before and will return without a second thought.
Be sure to bring plenty of cash. Once you are in the festival, it can be expensive. This was most apparent at the cigar Kiosk that was located on the grounds. Being a cigar smoker and a buyer of cigars, I know that they had $2 cigars marked at $10. And they were selling like crazy. This was commerce and capitalism at its best.
So that is my humbly submitted report from a great place to live, Lake County, IL. God bless you all. Light and Love. ZZombie.

  1. senor_volto avatar

    Hey Groovin' Gary-

    Great video that you posted. Nice job with the sign. You can say that you saw the live debut of "Gotsta" - even if it was only a few seconds!

    I totally agree with you about HHH. We saw what is believed to be the live debut in Manchester, NH. Most people had the WTF look at the beginning of HHH, but the song was well received. I was stunned and thrilled by that addition to the great new setlist.

    Sr. Volto

  2. ZZombie avatar

    Way to go Gary! We were about 12 rows back, stage right, Dusty's side. Good going on being part of the show! ZZombie.

  3. Craigo avatar

    Great stories guys. Anyone else on here at the show???

  4. Groovin Gary avatar

    I was there too. Excellent show and refreshed set list! Also, loved the LED video curtain for the backdrop. During Heaven, Hell or Houston - 99% of the crowd would never have known what Billy was singing without the lyrics scrolling on the screen. Dusty's audio issues I think was a problem with his mic.

    Did you catch Billy play a couple riffs of I Gotsta Get Paid before going into La Grange? I was in the front row off to the right of corner of the stage holding a sign I made with one side saying "TexiCali". Billy looked over to me and motioned before he started playing the riffs. After he played them, he looked back over at me, smiled. He knew he got me.

    The flip side of my sign said "Got Pura Vida" - Billy spotted that too and got a huge kick out of it. He looks at me and looks over to Elwood & Pablo, makes a hand gesture to Pablo and me of snapping a picture. Pablo snaps a picture of me holding the sign from the stage. The next morning the picture was posted on Pura Vida's FB page.

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