In all fairness of the VIP Package....

Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 10:06 PM By: trainarollin

In all fairness to the band about the 2011 VIP Packages, the description said nothing about additional autographs or an autograph session. They band did some of those in 2008-2009 and got abused by professional dealers slapping down piles of album covers , video taping it and posting it on their selling sites. After seeing that these dealers trying to get $700.00 for a signed album cover it offends the band and asks the question of who are really buying these packages?

It does not matter if one pays $5 or $5,000 for a VIP Package, the band is not a vendor to supply the dealer market. I'm a fan and was disapointed last year that I could not get a couple additional autographs, but that's life. The guidelines never said anything about additional items. Yes, a bummer. Last years package contained a signed Tribute CD. I knew what I was getting when I bought the package, Anything additional would have been as they say icing on the cake.

For now, the current $250 is a steal. You get a great ticket if the show has reserved seating, a signed lithograph and a photo taken with the band. Where else would a fan get a complete set of ZZ autographs without having to wait around a hotel or stage door for god who knows how long? The set of signatures alone is worth it the price of not having to wait around and that's if you are allowed to wait around in a working only area.

Even if you met them at a hotel, do you think you are going to get a photo taken with the entire group at once ? You will never see all 3 guys at once off-stage to pose for a photo. If you see one member in a hotel lobby, do you think he will wait till the other guys come down so you can get a group photo taken? If you are a major fan and have never met them before its well worth it for the group photo.

Yes, the M&G was a let down to some. But, what can you say to anyone of them that they have not heard before. If anything should change in the new package, they should state before you buy the package that "additional autographs will not be allowed"

One way I look at it is: You are getting a premium seat that would cost at least $100.00. So, for an additional $150 you are getting a set of autographs and a personal photo taken with the band..

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    Does anyone know if any items are prohibited from the M&G (for signature); i.e. guitars, pick guards? I'd like to have the fellas sign my guitar, but can't find any information anywhere (here or Facebook) that identifies prohibited items. -Thanks.

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    I do agree with numerous points you've made. Yes, $ 250 is totally a steal for what you get, when other artists are charging over $ 1000. Yes, some fans / business people have abused meet n greet opportunities (I hate when people bring 100 items to be signed and take up all of the artists' time- you know what I'm talking bout).... Yes, you're right about pretty much everything else.

    All I'm saying is, not only to ZZ Top, but to any artist in this "VIP package" situation: These are your most diehard fans. Give them a little extra icing on the cake. Give them that little bit of warmth and friendliness, because they love you. It also creates a "win-win" in which these people will likely spend a whole lot more money on you in the future.

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    I couldn't agree more. KISS meet and greets are $1250.00. I wouldn't do a KISS meet and greet for $25.00. I don't begrudge anyone for trying to make an honest living. Autograph dealers included. I just wish there was a happy medium for all of this. I will doing my second meet and greet in Nashville in June. I would love to get something signed for my twin sons age 10 to pass down. I still have an autographed picture of Waylon Jennings that my father passed down to me from 1970. I cherish that photo.

    I would NEVER sell any item that I had autographed from ZZ Top! I am 47 years old and travel quite a bit with my job. I have to leave my wife and sons and hit the road to make a living. They will never know show much I have appreciated their music and how it has gotten me down the highways and byways for many many years. I truly appreciate and respect the guyzz.


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