1. Georgia Pete avatar

    When you receive your tickets, you'll be told the contacts name. You'll also be told when to pickup your VIP laminates at the venue. With the VIP Laminates there're also instructions what to do for the meet & greet. I just did all this at the June 10th concert........hopefully you'll get tickets before I did (2 days prior to the concert)

  2. Ray IV avatar

    Ditto on receiving your tix and info but I thought the Atlanta concert was great! Don't understand why some people think that a meet and greet is suppose to be sitting down with the band and having a beer together! Some artists charge the same money just to see without a meet and greet!

  3. jumpingjack avatar

    You will get an email from the ZZ Top website 48 hours before the show. It's very vague & says it's the one & only email you'll get. It basically tells you to be @the show (1) hour before the gates open so that you can pick-up your VIP Laminate & other goodies (including the signed lithograph). It says nothing about the meet & greet, but does include a VIP host's name & phone number to contact them only during the show hours.

    I would email/call Ground Control directly if you have anymore questions.
    Hope you get your tickets...we got them Friday June 8the for the June 10th show.

    I emailed Ground Control with not response. I will call the venue a few hours before the show for more info.

    I have been to lots of meet & greets & other VIP events...this is the worst run one I've ever encountered.

    Don't blink...your meet & greet will last approx 5 min...meet the band/photo/good-bye...thanks for your $$$$$$.