Billy, Come Clean

Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 6:29 PM By: mayhem

Billy, I'm a guitar player and I don't buy your bull about 'just get urself some o'l guitar n amp n a fuzz box...Come on ... man... let it go .... come clean on your gear.... You're the only guitar player I've ever seen with no pedals?????? What gives???? Who's running it for you.. I saw ZZTOP in early 70s in Buffalo, NY n got beat up for grabin a hat Dusty threw out on to the floor. 3 Marshall stacks each, hurg mirrows behind. Incredible!! I've learned that guitar tone is in the power tube clipping and pre-60d pickups. Your tone is hard to cover but not impossible. Come on man... come clean on your gear....what do you have to lose now... I want to know.... I need to know.... I'll forgive you for being incredibly creative, having a 4 octave vocal range and commend you for stickin with Frank n Dusly the whole time. You're the best..... Now give it up....How do you do what you record ... guitar tone... Please..... H A V E M E R C Y.... been waitin to hear from you....have mercy... what am I supposed to do....well... I can hardly wait to hear from you..

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    Here's the link to what ZZshack51 was talkin' about:

    Sr. Volto

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    Hello Mayham you can check his gear out on you tube priemer quitar did a shoot with elwood

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