New album

Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 5:36 AM By: Mikey3

ok, when the hell is it coming out!! the mini tour is up, what's with that? does that mean it's coming before may or after? I'm gettin real disappointed... just... sad...

  1. Vicky avatar

    I tell ya I'm going crazy waiting for them to come back to Texas on their tour for the new CD!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. abelmusica avatar

    Rick Ruben sleeps with the master tapes in the nude for weeks while he considers if the EQ is carved out right on a particular snare hit...he is an odd bird. His Johnny Cash work was brilliant, his Neil Diamond work was pathetic...I hope he doesn't futs up that little ole band~!

    Yea...I check the web every day for news of the far...nothing~!...Yikes!

  3. TWINREBZZ avatar

    Dusty was signing autographs outside the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame last Friday and said, "Yall
    know we have a new release coming in August." It was on YouTube but the video has now been removed. We shall see.

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