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Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 9:31 AM By: Kueko

It is time that the three times to venture back into the studio. Since Mescalero much time has passed. You would have thought that the era of music is over and the time of "only money has place in our life" has come. The fact that Billy has always been good when it came to market the music, I feel as a very old ZZ Top fan were well known, but the last few years, quite pleased to think, that only money is in the foreground. So, I think, that the news about a new CD, until I can buy this, and listen. It would be great, full sound, as I heard in Dreadmonboogalaoo or great rhythms like Rythmeen or Mescalero. But I do like to surprise me. Regards from Germany, Kueko

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  1. New Music

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