Roadster "Ford" 1933 - Visiting card of ZZ-top

Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 5:23 AM By: UU9SK

A distinctive feature of the group serves as a red roadster "Ford" 1933 issue, used in many videos group since 1983.
The classic style of the thirties America begins in 1933, namely, in the first year after the Great Depression. For cars this year, the characters sloping radiators, sloping windshields and sleek and swift silhouette. It was released in this style of car.
This "Ford" was famous for its excellent driving characteristics, since it was put on an 8-cylinder V-type engine, which until then was to be found only on luxury cars such as "Cadillacs." Also on this stand is clearly insufficient for such a powerful and fast machine mechanical brakes ... "Ford" was the favorite car of this Bonnie and Clyde. They even sent a letter of thanks to Henry Ford - it was good advertising.

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