There are many different factors you must think about that will determine the best method of treatment. Your doctor may know of a much better treatment that you're not familiar with that might be more suitable due to one of the variable factors present. For many reasons, you really must see a doctor or visit your clinic to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment method. It's easy to be misled by all of the non-prescription Candidiasis medications you can buy at your local pharmacy. One interesting study revealed that two out of three women totally dropped the ball when they used self-diagnosis for vaginal yeast infection. Don't you think that is a terrible error rate? 66% were wrong!|A majority of people who have had yeast infections in the past, and know the symptoms, are comfortable treating their infection with OTC medicines. This can be a fairly reliable method and after about 7 days the yeast infection should be gone. This may work with the simple, basic yeast infections that healthy people have from time to time, but there are certain illnesses or medical conditions that will indicate that the infection could become more serious and, as a result, require medical intervention. You are more susceptible to getting a yeast infection if you have AIDS/HIV or are taking chemotherapy. People with diabetes or women who are pregnant are also special cases that require the expertise of a medical treatment professional. Another situation that mandates that you see your doctor for diagnosis and treatment is if you have experienced repeated yeast infections recently.|Oral thrush requires treatment via a doctor's prescription; however, only a few drugs have been approved for oral consumption. The main problem is the cell membrane of fungus (yeast is a fungus) is very similar to the cell membranes of humans and other animals. Therefore, the drugs, such as Nystatin, which can attack the fungal cell walls, must not be a threat to the cellular membranes in the human cell membrane. As a result of this situation, there are only about ten approved internal anti-fungal medications for oral ingestion. source

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