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Wed, Jul 4, 2012 at 3:03 PM By: MuZZy

Howdy, all fans of Beards !
This is my first blog post.
I hope y'all are doing well.
Here I wanted to mention some about psychedelic roots of ZZ Top.
I hope y'all would be interested in this.

The 13th Floor Elevators was pioneer of Texas Psychedelic Music and Roky Erickson who is one of Billy Gibbons' best friends, was founder of The 13th Floor Elevators. In Houston Billy Gibbons founded a psychedelic blues rock band named "The Moving Sidewalks". The Moving Sidewalks opened for Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Doors, Grand Funk Railroad and John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers. Billy Gibbons was Jimi Hendrix's favorite guitarist.

In Dallas Hill Brothers (Dusty Hill & Rocky Hill) founded an another psychedelic blues rock band named "The American Blues". Then Frank Beard joined them (their band had no commercial success but their sound was strong). The American Blues disbanded in 1969. Dusty Hill and Frank Beard moved to Houston. Beard was recruited by Houston guitarist Billy Gibbons of The Moving Sidewalks. They needed a bassist and Beard suggested Dusty; the new trio became ZZ Top (also- "He's our kind of guy." Frank Beard to Billy Gibbons after Beard introduced himself to Dusty Hill in a bar. Hill passed out drunk before returning Beard's greeting)

Excluding them there were many cool bands in Texas, back then and they all were The Lone Star legends...

Apart from the above mentioned bands, some excellent Texas Psychedelic Bands

Fever Tree
Bubble Puppy
Eric Johnson's "Mariani"

search on youtube

Peace & Love,



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    Wow Muzzy, This is impressive!!!! Just what this forum needs. Great info!!

    Cheers from OZ, Craigo

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    I wanted to make a blog post about ZZ Top & Texas Blues but for some reason I had technical problems related with "submission" hence I could not sent it as a blog post. Here I write once for all.

    "I'm thirty and I found out ZZ Top ten years ago. Their name I had seen for the first time fifteen years before, on the soundtrack of "From Dusk Till Dawn". In soundtrack of movie From Dusk Till Dawn there were two songs of ZZ Top (Mexican Blackbird and She's Just Killing Me) In fact frankly I did not like those.

    Then one day by chance I purchased their "Antenna" album, due to I wondered other ZZ Top songs. All album was good but "Pincushion", "Fuzzbox Voodoo", "PCH", "Cherry Red" became some of finest songs I ever heard and I fell in love with ZZ Top :) Their sound enchanted me, seriously. After a while on the internet I began to look into all sources about ZZ Top. Also I was buying all of their albums that I could find. In time I met "La Grange", "Brown Sugar", "Heaven, Hell or Houston" and many more, finally thanks to ZZ Top I discovered existence of "Texas Blues". :)

    Bill Bentley ( had written a short article in One Foot in the Blues album about ZZ Top. There he had made a mention of T-Bone Walker, Freddie King. Apart from ZZ Top those names were my first experiences with Texas Blues. And god bless the internet :) via the internet I researched them and other Texas Blues musicians. In fact folks, as far as I see, texas was a real music treasure (if you are a Texan, you must be proud of your country).

    Today I have all ZZ Top discography, thank god! I'm so happy. But if you ask me which album is worst, I just can tell you the album named "Mescalero" (tho "Alley-Gator", "Crunchy", "Tramp" were nice songs but I don't dig others).

    my favorite zz top albums'list here
    ZZ Top's First Album
    Tres Hombres
    El Loco

    ZZ became one piece of my life and thanks to these bearded men I learned blues, psychedelic, rock and everything. For sure, ZZ Top is one of the milestones of modern music.

    My favorite Texas Blues Guitarists
    Billy Gibbons
    Freddie King
    Johnny Winter
    Stevie Ray Vaughan
    Jimmie Vaughan
    Buddy Whittington
    Lance Lopez
    Texas Jake Lee

    for Texas Blues online (Texas Blues fans from 51 different countries)

    Peace & Love

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    Bubble Puppy? We played Decks Cards Wild Goose in Chicago with that band 44 years ago, I remember their big hit Hot Smoke and Sasafrass, quite the tune for those days and that band cooked compared to most of the bands out at that time. I was impressed.

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