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Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 11:32 AM By: Ray IV

Went to the June 10th show in Alpharetta Ga.and bought the VIP Diamond Package. First off gotta report that the show is as good as it gets! All 3 bands did a great job,but ZZTOP did what they do best and kept the crowd on their feet and rockin to their music! I think it was worth every penny spent to sit on the FRONT ROW and the other perks were nice too,but even without those extra things was well worth it. I admire the 3 dudes from Texas for keeping strong after all the years of being on the road and in the studios Even got to meet Gizmo! (Franks dog) Will for sure be there when they tour again after the NEW ALBUM comes out! Thanks Billy,Dusty,Frank ..........and Gizmo!

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    Congrats. I agree totally. I look forward to meeting Gizmo again myself and his 3 Dawgs Friday night in Estero!!

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