Watching ZZ Top 'live in concert'

Sat, Feb 18, 2012 at 2:12 PM By: Ivor

I was lucky enough to meet and talk to Dusty and Billy (not both at the same time however, but one after the other) back stage at a gig in Wembley Arena, UK during the Eliminator tour (1983?). What a great stage set, the dash board of the car its self. I’m sure the fuel gauge was slowly going down as the gig went on!?? They threw an after gig party, inviting many familiar faces from famous bands. Me and my buddy's manage to get into the back stage area following a long wait after the gig. Slipped in the back door then got chatting to one of the security guards who kindly let us in after we promised to behave our selves. First we spoke to Billy, he signed my concert programme, wow, I was so nervous I gave him the picture of Dusty by mistake to sign, he politely pointed that out, laughing and turned to the correct page! how embarrassing! We all laughed about that. he made us feel so at ease. He asked us if we had enjoyed the gig, of course we did Billy!! Billy even used my back as a hard surface to put the program on so he could sign it!! We spoke to Dusty briefly only to say hell and we enjoyed the gig. He also kindly signed my concert program.
We caught sight of Frank as Dusty was walking away from us, we called out his name knowing it was Frank, but he turned around and said " Franks in there!" pointing back towards the party as he walked hurriedly away from us! Blast, one autograph away from a full house!! We also met and chatted to Scott Gorham, 2 guys from Ref Leopard, Roger Waters, Girl school, Lemmy and Filthy Animal Taylor (I think that was the drummer's name from Motorhead at the time's?) noddy holder and Dave Hill. Many celebs to name......
That was a fantastic night, I will never ever forget it. We drove home through the night very pleased with our selves in deed.
Other occasion watching 'the little ole band from Texas' was Castle Donnington, Monsters of Rock, on 2 separate occasions and then we saw the boys at Milton Keynes on the 'Afterburner tour' (1995??), bought my self a pair of cheap sunglasses for a  £1 during the gig!!
So, I’m very much looking forward to the next time I see 'the boys' Live, in concert!!
Thank you for reading!!

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    Hi Ivor-
    I have heard the recording of the 1983 Wembley show, and it was terrific. Hopefully, you still have the signed program. You were lucky to hear such a great show live. You scored again if you were at Castle Donnington in 1985 - that show was epic as well.

    Sr. Volto

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