Fri, Sep 14, 2012 at 10:22 AM By: Bertok

It has been a busy month, waiting and watching for the schedule to go and see ZZ top again! I guess not watching close enough! As I missed it! They are coming to the Winstar in OK, this October!
And all the VIP tickets are sold out! We went to your last concert there, and my first ZZ top concert! It was a blast! Wow, the best concert I have been too! Thanks ZZ top
I would love to see ya in Fort Worth, TX

Thanks ZZ Top for being our number 1 group! Hope to see ya next time!

  1. Craigo avatar

    Hey there, How many times have you seen the guys. Where the first and last show the same ones??

    Cheers Craigo

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  1. Sad!!

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