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I love Tequila and Tang and thangs the go twang !

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    SpaceChannel news anchor Fuzzy Lighter reports that Billy Gibbons says that there's 25 twevles in the trunk to bang !!!

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    Cowboy and Space Commander Dusty Hill leader of the Spacebus " Pleaser 1 X " upon arriving from a 9 year TEXICALI mission today, releases 4 thunderous low end burst in to the atmosphere which could be heard all around the planet. One witness a Lone Wolfe Jr from Wichita,Ks said " The only time I ever heard a sound like that, is when all 4 of my truck tires blowed out on a muddy road", it kinda felt like the time i ate some of Grandma's pinto beans and hot sauce ".

    Fuzzy Lighter reporting

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    Check Out : "Tired of your Jive with BB King and Billy G !!!

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    Check out "Tired of your Jive" with B.B. King and Worthless Willy!!!

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    :: Me So Stupid Ringtone ::

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    ::::::The New video is the coldest::::::

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    I gotta have a shot....................of Pura Vida !

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    ZZ TOP for President

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    Come on Texans ! Time to get the boots ah kickin' !

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    Wanna know how to be a good player in no time? ...........Play along to Pura Vida radio for a few hours a day!!!

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