1. Lone Wolfe Jr. avatar

    No Dice.........The weather was not very nice. It went from 87 degrees to 34 degrees in a matter of hours. The Sun, Rain ,Sleet and Snow makes alot of mud ! Thats Kansas livin' . It makes you a Rough and Tough cowboy!..... I did see a Video of the boys starting the show with Precious and Grace....it gave me goosebumps, Thats that hard drivin ZZ that I dig. That riff feels like of a Texas cattle drive...............haw boy!! lwj

  2. tacomeat avatar

    Well here's to clear skys, steady hand at the wheel, and 25 12"s in the trunk to bang.
    Let us know what ya thought of the show. Fer sure fer sure!!

  3. Craigo avatar

    Have a great night LWJ. Look forward to a report!!

  4. senor_volto avatar

    Hey Wolfe-

    Enjoy the show! We expect a post with the setlist!

    Sr. Volto