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    Pretty Good Twin ! Thanks for playing along...... Time for some tacos

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    It is also rumored that "Future Blues" will be on the new album and Dusty sings lead on it live.

  3. TWINREBZZ avatar

    I will take a stab at it. I may miss a couple but here goes-
    On ZZ Top's First Album: Somebody Else Been Shakin Your Tree
    On Rio Grande Mud: None
    On Tres Hombres: None
    On Fandango: Jailhouse Rock, Balinese, Tush, *Heard It On The X when performed live. Not on studio version.
    On Tejas: Ten Dollar Man
    On Deguello: Hi Fi Mama
    On El Loco: Party On The Patio
    On Eliminator: I Got The Six
    On Afterburner: Cant Stop Rockin, Delirious
    On Recycler: None that I know of
    On Greatest Hits: Viva Las Vegas
    On Antenna: World Of Swirl
    On Rhythmeen: Loaded
    On XXX: Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear
    On Mescalerso: Piece