Greetings from stormy Scandinavium!

Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 2:38 PM By: jankku72

Just had to tell all you there that my ZZ TOP collection got so big that i had to move it away from my home to a better place, so we can have our home to living, not to storage huge amounts of ZZ stuff.
I got nice room for these things and im gonna move it to a kinda showroom.
Just a joy for my self and maybe for some that are interested things in a ZZ TOP world!
I sure had a great time to open all those storage boxes and get my hands on these wonderful things, lots of rare and SUPER RARE things, but hundreds of common things too...
I got my counting on different ZZ recordings to +900 and i got tired and quit to count...
Plus ALL other things i sure had a great time...
I have planned to make a serie of collectors photo books of treasures i have, i tought that im gonna start photo sessions next month, just wondering where to start, maybe promotional stuff and 45 whit PS?
Any tips???
A friend of mine had a great plan that we should travel to States and have the last day of this year whit the boys of ZZ TOP???!!!
I sure wanted to do this , but travel so long for a gig, i tought that if i had to come there should come a invitation from at least from Pablo G. to have A REAL GREAT TIME spending whit BILLY, DUSTY and FRANK (Gizzmo) + all other great persons at the ZZ company!
I think that im just day dreaming or got little diZZy sniffing dust of my collection?!
Have a great time and be well ya all!
Jankku Blomgren-Vuong

  1. Shoe1984 avatar

    Yeah! I would be very very happy if you put some pictures in here. Laita jotn kuvia, jooko??

  2. Craigo avatar

    Hey!!!,, You should post some photos on here. I for one would love to see it!!

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