1. jankku72 avatar

    Late 80´s First, Rio grande and Tres hombres!

  2. jankku72 avatar

    In my early days Eliminator and Afterburner!

  3. jankku72 avatar

    Or Recycler!???

  4. jankku72 avatar

    Just now Rhythmeen!!!

  5. jankku72 avatar

    At the time Antenna!

  6. Roberto Cinquanta avatar

    My favourite one is "Eliminator"
    When i make live karting comments, in general, i mix a lot of albums and bands!!!
    For a final starting grid my favourite single is La Grange (Tres Hombres)!!!
    In the first 33 sec. i said: And now ladies and gentlemans the kf3 junior final........ after when the song start i go with the rows and the drivers name................ super!!!
    ZZ Top and Who are perfect music for emotion and motorsport for me.

  7. The fun dude avatar

    I like the first album! The first time I heard it,and it is a great LP. I also enjoy the live side of Fandango.

  8. rd avatar

    Amen Brother!

  9. ludo avatar

    eliminator and la futura are so incredible ! there are he best album for me ?

  10. makkeus avatar

    zz top eliminator woul be nice to hear live :)