Meet,Greet and soup?

Fri, Nov 8, 2013 at 1:39 PM By: Kirkus

I paid for the vip tickets, then read all the negative comments. Some comments were, no hand shakes, no autographs, not a forum when it came time to ask questions, I was not picked, for my question, I felt I was back in school. I cannot get the thought of the 116th episode of Seinfeld, out of my mind, it is the one with the soup N&%$. I guess if any one was going to play that character it would be Pablo Gamboa. It is his job to make sure everything goes as plan. He did a good job. I hope this is not a cut towards the band or Pablo. Once, I was in the room with the band I could see why Pablo has to take charge. I thought that I threw my money away, but I didn't, it was a good time to meet a guitar hero of mine from second grade. Now that I'm 34, I thought it was time to say "hi, you kick ass". As for my question, I ask Billy about brown sugar, if it is about hot mexican senoritas or the other stuff? Billy said, maybe a little bit of both, with a smile and I had to tell him how long I have been a fan. I RECOMMEND THE VIP TICKETs, IT IS WORTH IT. By the way Pablo was very nice and in no way shape or form a soup N%^&. My father and I had a kick ass time!

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    I whole heartily agree...It is a good opportunity and reasonably price for what you receive...I say enjoy it for what it is...

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    Glad you liked it. I'm still hoping to do one next time they come to this part of the world!!

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