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Everyone knows that, a bird in the hand is good as two in the bush, but I gotsa get paid, so I'm goin for that bush! You might get your broom dusted or hurt real bad, by the roadside, in the ditch from time to time but if you can ride ahead of the smoke it may be rewarding! That's more exhilarating for the heart. I've been trying to ride ahead of the smoke for years since I became a ZZ Top fan at 13. Riding the range with Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers and tearing up the Rio Grande Mud! Where's my head baby? Somewhere in Mississippi. ;-)

Still can't stop rock'n!

No, it ain't 007 look'n at ya! It might be Colt, it might be Mr Smith! You'll never know to any real certainty. LOL! Don't freak out on me! Just another love of mine. Cold Colt steel baby! Or... me and Mr Wesson get together ever now and again. I gotsa protect my enterprise so I gotsa get paid! I'm free, likes ta go fast and gonna keep her side the center line! Make my pay, keep me in my thug addictions cause all I gots is 25! ;)

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